Fruit Acid Exfoliant "All Inclusive" Priming, exfoliant and care set

All Inclusive Treatment Box

The priming prepares the skin for the fruit acids and the wash gel clears it. The fruit acid exfoliant cleanses and stabilizes the skin and prevents impurities. Scars and macropores fade slowly. Afterwards a protecting and regenerating crème is applied.

How To Use

Cleanse your skin in the morning and evening with Skin Repair Washgel. Apply washgel always at first to prepare your skin for the exfoliation.

Exfoliate your skin first with 15pf Peeling mask every other day. Then continue the same way with purePeel 25pf. Begin your course of treatment with the purePeel aha intensive mask 15pf. Use the mask for a week on every other day. Best in the evening, that is the most efective way for your skin to regenerate. From day 10 forward continue with 25pf exfoliation, wich you should use the same way. We recommend a contact time of maximum 10 minutes. Afterwards wash the rest of gel off with water.

Finsih your face care with Skin Reapir Cream. To finish your face care applicate the skin repair cream. This regenerating creme is geared towards the needs of exfoliated skin and also strengthens the natural skin barrier.


Do not apply the gel to the area around the eyes or on mucous membranes. Only to be used by adolescents and adults. Store out of the reach of children.

Set contains following products

Mild Cleanser1xMild Cleanser Skin Repair Washgel, 100ml
Cleans the skin gently from dirt, sebum and make-up
£ 8.95
Fruit Acid Exfoliant Gel1xFruit Acid Exfoliant Gel 25pf Natural AHA Peeling, 30ml
Exfoliant-Gel with natural fruit acids
£ 16.95
Regenerating Skin Care Cream1xRegenerating Skin Care Cream Skin Repair Cream, 50ml
Optimal for sensitive skin
£ 16.95
purePeel1xpurePeel fruit acid aha mask 15pf, 30ml
Peeling mask with natural fruit acids
£ 12.95
purePeel1xpurePeel Blister
purePeel Gesichtstuch1xpurePeel Gesichtstuch Dein Geschenk!

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