Fruit Acid Exfoliant Fleece Mask 15pf, 30ml Quad AHA Peeling Set

The purePeel Liquid Peeling Mask is an ideal introduction to the purePeel Fruit Acic Exfoliating series.

The gentle exfoliant reduces the pH and sebum production of your skin. This helps the skin to become accustomated to the exfoliant. Irritations and reddings are being reduced.

This priming therefore is a perfect preparation before you use a stronger exfoliant like the 25pf natural AHA Peeling to your skin.

How To Use

1. Remove aluminium foil from the blister.
2. Remove the compressed mask.
3. Unscrew the ampule.
4. Squeeze the serum from the ampule into the blister.
5. Put the compressed mask into the filled blister.
6. The mask will swell in front of your eyes and can be removed immediately.
7. We recommend applying the mask for a maximum of 10 minutes. Afterwards, you should dab the remains of the fruit acid scrub with a clean, damp facial tissue or clear water.
8. Then apply a nourishing cream on your face.


Please store fruit acid exfoliants out of the reach of children. Don’t use near and on the eyes, on mucosa or wounds. If applied to those accidently, wash the exfoliant off with clear water immediately. May only be used by teenagers and adults.

Set contains following products

purePeel1xpurePeel fruit acid aha mask 15pf, 30ml
Peeling mask with natural fruit acids
£ 12.95
purePeel1xpurePeel Blister
purePeel Gesichtstuch1xpurePeel Gesichtstuch Dein Geschenk!

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