Aging and wrinkles

Wrinkles, pigmentation spots and tired complexions - that´s enough!

Why does our skin age?

Why does our skin age? Up to the age of 20, our skin renews itself every 27 days. The older we get, the less this happens and eventually skin renewal will only take place once every 40 to 60 days. Our skin becomes thinner and dryer due to the decrease in collagen production, meaning that the ability to store water also reduces. This is how dryness lines are caused eventually resulting in wrinkles.

Natural fruit acid exfoliants boost the growth of skin cells below the surface, stimulating the regeneration of elastin and collagen. Through this the skin regains its ability to keep itself hydrated, winning back its former glory.

In general it can be said that by frequently using fruit acid exfoliants, the skin’s elasticity and firmness are improved.


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