Impure skin, zits, pustule pureSkin Set

Pure Skin Treatment Box - Acids make beautiful!

The content of the Pure Skin Treatment Box is ideal for the treatment of impure skin and its consequences from the age of teenagers. A wash gel gently clears the skin from impurities and sebum deposits. The subsequent fruit acid exfoliant opens the clogged pores and allowing the sebum to flew out of  the pimples.  A skin-regulating cream forms the gentle end of the anti-pimple care. Oily skin and impurities can be effectively combated by this optimal product combination, without irritating the skin.

How To Use

Clean your skin in the morning and evening with Skin Regulate Washgel. Apply to the wet skin for 12 minutes each morning and evening. Wash it off with warm water afterwards.

Exfoliate your skin every second day with purePeel 25pf. Apply the exfoliating gel every second day to the cleansed skin. Use it in the evening to let your skin regenerate overnight. We recommend leaving it on for up to 10 minutes. Wash off the gel remains with clear water afterwards.

End the skin treatment with using the Skin Regulate Cream after exfoliating. After exfoliating apply the Skin Regulate Cream to your skin. This is a nongreasy skin care that helps improving impure skin, blackheads und zits.


Do not apply the gel to the area around the eyes or on mucous membranes. Only to be used by adolescents and adults. Store out of the reach of children.

El set contiene los siguientes productos:

Skin Clearing Cleanser1xSkin Clearing Cleanser Skin Regulate Washgel, 100ml
gel regulador de sebo para la limpieza diaria
arg$ 495
Fruit Acid Exfoliant Gel1xFruit Acid Exfoliant Gel 25pf Natural AHA Peeling, 30ml
Gel-exfoliante con ácido frutal natural
arg$ 895
Anti-Impurities 24h-Skin Care Cream1xAnti-Impurities 24h-Skin Care Cream Skin Regulate Cream, 50ml
Crema regeneradora para piel grasa e impura
arg$ 1.095
purePeel Gesichtstuch1xpurePeel Gesichtstuch Dein Geschenk!

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