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What is a fruit acid exfoliant?

Back in the day of ancient Egypt and Rome, the beneficial effects of fruit acid on the skin had already been discovered. Whilst Cleopatra would bathe in sour milk to prevent any skin impurities, the Romans would use wine to wash their faces.

The well-balanced mixture of natural fruit acids (lactic, citric, malic and tartaric acid) contained in purePeel leads to gentle and effective skin exfoliation. Regular application will help prevent skin impurities such as wrinkles. An increase in skin moisture and an enhanced skin renewal process are two factors that contribute to a reduction in visibility of scars, large pores and small wrinkles.  

In chemistry, fruit acids are referred to as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). Glycolic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid and malic acid are all types of AHAs. They are all natural acids and are referred to as fruit acids as they can all be found in various types of fruit.

What are the effects of fruit acid?

If regularly applied, fruit acids gradually reduce the skin’s corneal layer, reviving the skin and restoring its equilibrium. The fruit acids that can be found in purePeel products cleanse your skin of dead skin cells.

Whilst fruit acids reduce the thickness of the corneal layer, they also strengthen the epidermis and enhance skin hydration. The skin’s improved elasticity leads to a reduction in wrinkles, resulting in a fresh, radiant and soft complexion. Fruit acids (AHAs) are not only effective when it comes to wrinkles, but can also be used to reduce the appearance of pigmentation marks (e.g. age spots), acne, scars caused by acne, ichthyosis and actinic damage.

How often should I use purePeel, if I want to achieve the best results?

The length of time required for an exfoliation treatment is determined by the condition of your skin. purePeel aha intensive gel should be applied every other day, preferably in the evening. After cleansing your skin, apply it as a thin layer. Then, allow it to take effect for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with water. purePeel aha intensive gel is a product resulting from years of pharmacological research and can be used as a permanent skin care product. After just one week of application, the skin’s appearance will have improved significantly.

How do I know that fruit acid exfoliation is a suitable therapy for me?

purePeel treatment is generally recommended if you suffer with wrinkles, skin sallowness, pigmentation marks, a pigmentation disorder or skin that is prone to acne.

What do I do if purePeel causes skin irritations?

When applying the gel, you may feel a slight tingling or a sense of warmth. This is product-specific and is a sign of the exfoliation effect taking place. If excessive irritation occurs, wash the gel off immediately. In such a case, the treatment should not be continued. You can contact us at 0641/94400990.

What should be taken into consideration after application?

After using the exfoliation, we recommend applying pureRepair barrier balance cream in order to protect the skin. The aloe vera extract contained in the cream has a calming, nurturing and moisturizing effect. Following an exfoliation treatment, this is exactly what your skin needs!

Avoid direct sunlight, sunbathing and solariums. Skin is particularly sensitive to UVA and UVB radiation when regenerating.

Can I apply make-up after using the exfoliant?

Make-up should not be applied immediately after using an exfoliant. However, the next day you can apply your make-up as usual.

What is pureWash acne wash gel?

pureWash acne wash gel is a low-foam washing gel with keratolytic effects. It should be used every day in order to prevent skin impurities. The soft gel texture ensures a comfortable application.

When should I use pureRepair balance cream?

The pureRepair balance cream is the perfect conclusion to a fruit acid treatment. During the treatment phase, it nurtures and moisturizes the skin. Following the final application of the fruit acid exfoliant, use for at least another four weeks, at least once a day in order to protect your facial skin. Due to its ceramides and aloe vera extract, this product provides your skin with calming effects.

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