Impurities and spots

Why does our skin tend to develop impurities and spots?

Healthy skin is soft and smooth

Almost everyone has suffered with acne before. There are a variety of factors that can lead to skin impurities such as hormonal changes, bacteria, medication or genes. Bad skin care habits can also cause the skin to fall out of balance.

Spots occur when oil and dead skin cells block the hair follicles. These normally dispense sebum to the skin’s surface along the hair shaft, so if the body produces too much sebum or too many dead skin cells, it can end up clogging the hair follicles. The result of this is a spot!

Fruit acid peelings remove dead skin cells and also stimulate the natural skin renewal process, enabling new, fresh skin cells to surface and thus reducing scars and calluses. The result is noticeably clearer skin and reduction in pore visibility.

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