Anti-Impurities 24h-Skin Care Cream Skin Regulate Cream, 50ml

Special Care Cream improves the signs and causes of impure skin and zits.

Skin Regulate Creme is a special day and night care for the improvement of skin appearance and to preserve the success of treatment for zits and unclean skin, in combination with purePeel fruit acid exfoliants. The non-greasy special care cream combats the signs and causes of impure skin.

With five-fold formula

The five-fold effective formula of active ingredients, such as Cinnamon bark extract and amino acids provide long-lasting fresh, pure and healthy complexion

  • Regulation of skin system through antibacterial effect
  • Regulation and reduction of sebum
  • Reduction of comedones and inflammatory free fatty acids
  • Protect against free radical damage
  • Reducing the spread of infections

The antibacterial and stimulating effect of cinnamon bark extract reduces pimples and pustules. By also in cinnamon bark extract containing tannins skin is matte and reduces sebum.

The skin protection vitamins panthenol and vitamin E, allantoin and protect the skin, improve the elasticity, support the formation of new skin cells and thus contribute to skin regeneration.

How To Use

Clean the skin gently and pat the skin dry each day. Apply the cream morning and evening to and save the delicate eye area from. Massage the cream gently into the skin until it is completely absorbed.


Please store fruit acid exfoliants out of the reach of children. Don’t use near and on the eyes, on mucosa or wounds. If applied to those accidently, wash the exfoliant off with clear water immediately. May only be used by teenagers and adults

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